Maker & Engineer

My workshop features mechanical, electronical and interaction prototyping using digital fabrication equipment.

  • Name: Park
  • PositionEngineer, KAIST
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  • City: Daejeon, Korea

I graduated from Seoul National University of Science & Technology and have been working as an engineer for interaction prototyping guidance at Department of Industrial Design, KAIST since 2014. My workshop is operated for a non-profit and made it to contribute to the spread of make culture. Please see my portfolio and contact me if you need any help.


Parkworkshop features mechanical and circuit design, MCU firmware programming, and prototypes using digital fabrication equipment and hand tools.

MCU Firmware
Electonics design
Mechanical design
3D Printer
CNC Milling




Interaction Prototyping guidance with 7+ years of KAIST and contributing to the spread of make culture by operating a park workshop.

  • Engineer
  • Since August, 2014


Bachelor of Mechanical design automation engineering

2007 - 2013

Seoul National University of Science & Technology, KR

I graduated from Mechatronics Advanced Course and learned how to design and manufacture machines smartly.

Professional Experience


2014 - Present


  • Interaction Prototyping guidance with 7+ years of KAIST


2013 - 2014

YP Electronics

  • Worked as a researcher to develop electronic controllers

Air Force service

2009 - 2011

F-5 Fighter Mechanic

  • Air Force service as an F-5 fighter mechanic.


  • All
  • Devices
  • Tools
  • Machines
  • Toys
  • ETC

3Mechanical keyboard

Fully 3D Printed 68keys Mechanical keyboard

LED Lantern

3D Printed 100W Super Power LED Lantern

Power Supplier

500W DC Power Supplier, Hacked PC Power

Spot Welder MK1

for making battery system

Spot Welder MK2

for making battery system

Wearable Arm Robot

for increasing wearer's arm power

CNC Milling

Fully 3D Printed CNC Milling

Monitor Stand

Spider monitor stand

3D Printer

3D Printed 3D Printer

Game card enclosure

3D Printed Nintendo Switch game card enclosure

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker


Lego cube

Side Table

Side table